Volatility Hedging Indicator

Volatility is the only asset whose value increases during market crashes with a very high probability. Thus, market volatility can be a formidable predictor of crashes. Nevertheless, the timing necessary to master this type of signal dynamics requires a high level of expertise and practice. Alquant is proud to offer all types of investors its own quantitative equity exposure indicator relying on volatility analysis. Entirely based on scientific methods and thus avoiding any human bias, this indicator is designed to anticipate market corrections.

Focused on Volatility

Developed to Navigate Crises

Vega is designed to anticipate and avoid major economic and financial crises. Allowing you to adapt your exposure to the equity market according to the conditions, Vega helps you protect your portfolio in times of crash and enables you to take full advantage of bull markets.

Reduce Drawdowns

Eliminate Irrationality in Crises

Vega's design is purely algorithmic and based on the latest investment technology. In stressful situations, the behavior of average investors naturally leads to irrational decisions. The design and use of Vega allows any investor to avoid panic or irrelevant considerations and to apply the right decision, thus greatly increasing long-term success.

Stay Alert

Daily Volatility Risk Level

In practice, Vega is a daily indicator of market stress conditions. Members get a notification by email when Vega triggers a market correction to come, and when time has come to invest back in the equity market.

Indicator Low Risk Indicator High Risk
Indicator High Risk

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