Alquant improves traditional asset management through quantitative methods and artificial intelligence for the benefit of its clients. Alquant's purpose is to enable more and more people to enjoy greater financial prosperity by protecting and growing their assets.

The change of name better reflects our goal of becoming a brand for quantitative investments. We continue to strive for clear, sound and effective investment solutions:

  • Clear – A new level of investor experience, providing investors with high transparency and an intuitive and insightful presentation of our investment products rather than complicated factsheets filled with jargon. It is important for us that our investors understand what they invest in and how it is linked to achieving their goals.
  • Sound – Challenge the status quo for the benefit of our investors. In our view, funds that charge a high fee for active management but then barely vary from the index are not justifiable. We aim to provide reliable investment solutions with a distinct track record of success at fair conditions.
  • Effective – More return for the risk taken. Emotions and the fear of a recession can be the biggest roadblock to meet long-term goals. Quantitative methods allow to process a vast amount of data and make rational decisions to avoid emotional investing mistakes. In addition, a risk-controlled approach can reduce short-term losses and thus increase long-term performance.