Introducing the Alquant Platform

Access the future of asset management with the Alquant Platform. From modern, daily updated, and interactive fact sheets on our investment products to advanced quantitative indicators, the Alquant Platform has you covered.

Transparency at its Core

Interactive Charts

Easily analyze performance and zoom-in in any period thanks to interactive charts.

Transparent Insights

Nothing hidden - Get clear insights and details about Alquant's solutions.

Daily Updates

Each new data point is automatically published to keep up with the latest changes without delay.


Interactive Fact Sheets

Monthly PDF reports of investment products are outdated. With the Alquant Platform, you have access to interactive fact sheets of our investment products, updated every day, giving you a great way to explore and understand our products. This allows you to explore how the strategy performed in the past by zooming in any chosen period, as well as seeing how the constituents of the strategy changed over time.

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Actionable Indicators and Advanced Functionalities

Sometimes our investment products aren't exactly what you're looking for, but you're still interested in following a systematic investment approach like we do at Alquant. Our actionable indicators allow investors to incorporate Alquant's insights into their own investment strategies. Through our platform, you can see how our indicators have performed in the past across different markets, you can download the past values of all our indicators in a CSV, and even use our combine tool to see how combining our indicators performs together. Finally, as we know that checking a platform every day can be annoying, we allow you to set up personalized email notifications to be informed when a predefined threshold of a specific indicator is reached.

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Interested in Having your own Platform?

Do you want to offer your customers a digital, interactive, and better investor experience? Are you tired of having to manually update your investment product presentations with new numbers? Then you will love having your own platform, where all updates are automated, where you can zoom in on any time period you want, and where you can even automatically generate PDF fact sheets with your own branding.

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