Adaptive and Protected Tech Exposure

Without doubt, the Tech sector continues to be one of the most promising market segments. However, current high valuations may be seen as a major headwind. In this context, Alquant ProTech participates in the bright future of the Tech sector in a safer way than a passive buy-and-hold investment by providing a powerful downside hedge.

Tech & Growth Exposure

We seek exposure to large technology and growth companies by investing in the NASDAQ-100.

Profit from Turbulences

We seek to profit from large drawdowns by actively trading volatility derivatives thus delivering a negative correlation with the NASDAQ-100 during crises.

Proactive Exposure

We protect assets in uncertain times by proactively reducing exposure to the NASDAQ-100 according to internal risk indicators.

Tech Exposure

Unstoppable Trend and Intact Innovation Potential

In the coming years, technology is set to lead innovation and thus will most likely continue to have the biggest impact. With new technology trends such as self-driving cars, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things on their way to maturity, the future potential of technology and digitalization impact remains high, supporting the thesis that the Tech sector will continue to deliver superior long-term performance.

Proactive Exposure

Improve Long-Term Performance Thanks to Highly Proactive Equity Exposure

The current high valuations and the duration of the current bull market could lead to temporary drawdowns. Therefore, ProTech proactively manages its Tech exposure based on various internal risk indicators to adjust it to current conditions. As a result the exposure can range from 0% to 150%. In this way, a potential dotcom crisis 2.0 can be avoided and a further surge in the Tech sector can be exploited.

Embedded Equity Airbag

Generate Strong Performance during Crashes

In addition to adjusting equity exposure to the current environment, Alquant's signature volatility overlay is added so that during periods of sharp declines, such as the financial crisis and the COVID-19 crisis, strong performance and a negative correlation to the broad equity market can be achieved. This volatility overlay actively trades volatility derivatives which act as an insurance or airbag against larger equity corrections.

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