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At Alquant, we build innovative products designed to directly solve today's most pressing investors' challenges. More specifically, with the help of our data- and technology-driven approach, we focus on eliminating human biases and delivering proactive risk management to mitigate downside risk and ensure great performance during market extremes.

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The First Hedge with an Edge

Alquant Alvola is a smart hedging strategy that offers uncorrelated returns to the stock market. It dynamically targets a long volatility exposure during market turbulences and a short volatility exposure during calm market periods. The objective is to outperform during periods of significant market stress, while also targeting positive absolute returns during bull markets, thus helping to successfully position your equity portfolio in all market phases.

Beyond Innovation

Innovation Investing with an Airbag

The Alquant Beyond Innovation Fund is a long-only, technology-focused UCITS equity fund. The fund invests in stocks with high innovation potential identified through a data-driven process. In addition, the fund seeks to reduce drawdowns caused by economic recessions or investor exuberance through the use of quantitative overlays.


Protect your Tech Exposure

Without doubt, the Tech sector continues to be one of the most promising market segments. However, current high valuations may be seen as a major headwind. In this context, Alquant ProTech participates in the bright future of the Tech sector in a safer way than a passive buy-and-hold investment by providing a powerful downside hedge.

Products Benefits


We allow investors to follow Alquant's innovative products in a transparent way.


We provide reliable investment solutions at fair conditions.


We put facts over feelings when it comes to investment decisions.


We have no problem processing the huge flood of new information due to our highly automated systems.

Downside Protected

We put a lot of energy into understanding the downside and protecting capital (also called "crisis alpha").

Accessible Algorithmic Investing

"Until now, top hedge funds have been extremely intransparent and expensive. Furthermore, they are only accessible to restricted investors willing to lock-in their money for years. Alquant democratizes top investment products at fair conditions, in a transparent way, with daily liquidity and no minimum investment."

Highest Standard of Regulation

Your Investments Are in Good Hands

Alquant is regulated as an asset manager of collective investment schemes and is directly supervised by the FINMA. This means that our compliance and investment process meet the highest standard of regulation.

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