Key Principles


We advocate putting facts over feelings when it comes to investment decisions. That is why our solutions are based on a rigorous scientific approach using proven disciplines, proprietary algorithms and clear data.


Market conditions can change rapidly, and those who are the best at identifying new signals and adapt to them seamlessly will outperform those who do not. A rigorous and disciplined process can still be flexible and agile.


We firmly believe that risk management should not be seen as a retrospective add-on but as a performance driver. Indeed, the time required to make up for avoidable losses makes investing extremely inefficient. Therefore, we put as much care and effort into understanding the downside and protecting capital as we do in finding alpha.


The exploration of novel signals should be as broad and deep as possible. Promising ideas have their origins in unexpected places. A broader range of visions and backgrounds helps us to find untapped opportunities, while our data science skills enable us to better understand their true potential.

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