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Navigate Market Extremes with the Help of Technology

How one deals with market extremes determines long-term performance. Thus better navigating market extremes is the key to long-term outperformance. However, properly managing extreme market conditions is very difficult due to human bias and irrational emotions that often lead to inappropriate investment decisions. Therefore, using the latest technology, data, and science, Alquant develops systematic and unbiased algorithmic approaches to support investors.

Versatile Solutions that Meet your Needs


Innovative investment products directly solving investors' challenges
  • Peace of mind thanks to optimized solutions
  • Efficient and automated solutions to incorporate Alquant's secret sauce as a component of your portfolio
  • A one-time transaction is sufficient
  • Available to Swiss or qualified investors
  • Pay a percentage fee on invested capital and performance per year
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The next generation of actionable indicators empowering active investors
  • Keep full control with a do-it-yourself solution
  • A flexible solution allowing to decide how to incorporate Alquant insights into your overall portfolio
  • Frequent actions are necessary for tailored implementations
  • Available worldwide
  • Pay a flat fee per year
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Better Client Experience

Thanks to our modern infrastructure, Alquant is able to provide an interactive platform that makes our products and indicators easily accessible and extremely transparent. These features are highly valued by our clients and clearly set us apart from other asset management providers. We believe that our platform provides the client experience that has been missing in the asset management industry.

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"Until now, the asset management industry has been characterized by limited customer experience. Monthly PDF fact sheets that offer only static and delayed insights into investment solutions are still the status quo. At Alquant, we believe it's time to reshape the client experience by providing interactive and timely reports that investors deserve."

White-Label Solution

Are you an asset manager wanting to enhance client experience by providing interactive and daily updated showrooms of your products in a white-labeled, convenient, flexible, and cost-effective way? Our white-label platform service is made for you.

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