A new level of investor experience. We strive for high transparency and interactive presentation of our investment solutions instead of outdated monthly PDF fact sheets. We want that our clients truly understand our solutions and can track them on a daily basis.



Challenge the status quo for the benefit of our clients. In our view, solutions that charge high fees but then barely vary from the benchmark are not justifiable. We aim to provide reliable active investment solutions at fair conditions.



100% data-driven and algorithmic. Emotions are the biggest hurdle to generating outperformance. We use quantitative methods, artificial intelligence and automated algorithms running on our cloud-based infrastructure to process a vast amount of data to avoid emotional investment mistakes, thus achieving more return for the risk taken.


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July 2020
Launch second structured product with Swiss bank Assets under advisory: > CHF 25 Mio
February 2020
GQF is now called Alquant The change of name better reflects our goal of becoming a brand for quantitative investing
June 2019
Article in business magazine Bilanz June edition “Mit künstlicher Intelligenz zu programmierten Gewinnen”
October 2018
Launch structured product with Swiss bank Assets under advisory: > CHF 20 Mio
July 2018
First angel investor believed in our product Assets under advisory: > CHF 5 Mio
June 2018
Self-regulated via PolyReg As finance advisor and independent asset manager
March 2018
Foundation of GQF AG We started to commercialize our self-developed algorithm