Finlens: A new way to showcase investment products

Digitize, streamline, and scale marketing of investment products with our white-label solution. Investors' expectations are shifting towards more digital solutions; the survivors will be the ones that adapt, so don't wait and test now what it feels like to have a truly digital and automated solution for showcasing your investment products.

Addressing the typical pain points of marketing investment products

Like many fund managers, Alquant spent a lot of time creating or updating marketing materials as well as building awareness of its offering.

Investors usually require branded content, specific analysis, and regular updates. Hence, fund managers spend a significant amount of their time creating or updating static slides, brochures, and PDF fact sheets. This is highly time consuming, inefficient, repetitive, and costly.

The solution is digital

As an asset manager, Alquant has experienced these pain points firsthand. That's why Alquant decided to automate and streamline marketing content, performance analysis, and factsheet creation in order to support and improve the distribution and sales process.

Alquant's background in finance and technology gave us the unique advantage of truly understanding the challenges and needs of the investment management industry while providing customized digital solutions.

Full of benefits

Our solution is a powerful marketing tool but not only. It also improves productivity by reducing the time spent creating interactive web interfaces, marketing documents, and content portal publications.

As an advanced digital approach, it increases profitability and client satisfaction, while automating core business processes and emphasizing client-facing activities.

Better Investor Experience

Deliver better investor experience and timely updates by getting your own white-labeled & interactive platform.

Scale Distribution

Ease and scale awareness and distribution of products by creating your own investment community.

Save Time

Spend less time on repetitive, manual reporting and marketing tasks in order to focus on what matters most.

Cut Costs

Reduce operating costs by increasing the level of automation.

Focus on client experience

"As better digital client experience becomes increasingly important to attract new clients and maintain strong client relationships, we have launched a solution that allows asset managers, fund administrators, fund distributors and others to provide a digital and interactive investor experience in a convenient and cost-effective way. That solution is Finlens."

Some of our clients

Key features

Interactive & Responsive Analysis

Carefully engineered charts to ease analysis and for best interactivity, both for powerful desktops with a mouse, and touch-optimized for tablets and phones.

Flexible & Customizable Components

Customize and add components from our flexible library of charts, statistics, analysis and marketing content. Missing components can also be created on demand.

Automated & Timely Updates

Every new data point and information is automatically published to deliver higher granularity to clients in a timely manner.

Retain Brand Layout

Match your corporate identity by being able to incorporate your content, images, documents, colors, logo, domain (URL).

Control Access & Analyze Usage

Control what is public, client-only, or admin-only and track usage of content. Add a data room for legal documents and control its access.

Scale & Improve Investor Relations

Replace newsletter and email campaigns with modern newsfeed and notification system to increase client engagement.

Automatic factsheet generation:
A powerful add-on for the old world

Scheduled Factsheet Creation

Automatically create PDF factsheets at any predefined frequency to avoid repetitive manual tasks.

Customized Factsheet

Adapt factsheet template and content so that they match your style and the expectation of your clients.

Multilingual & Compliant Factsheets

Automatically translate factsheets in other languages and ensure that they comply with the relevant countries of distribution.

Easy Delivery

Notify clients as soon as a new factsheet is available or automatically distribute it to a list of subscribers.

Robust Data Management

Avoid manual data management and their potential errors thanks to our automated data updater and manager.

Generate Factsheet in one Click

Address various requests on-the-go by being able to generate a PDF factsheet for any specific sub-periods.

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