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Leverage dynamic hedging as protection without sacrificing performance

Our investment products are designed to provide stability in even the most uncertain of times. Our unique hedging approach helps our clients achieve their long-term financial goals with less volatility and more stability. We believe that such protection mechanisms are especially important in those volatile times, during which the unknown is the new norm.

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Our cutting-edge hedging strategy

Alquant Alvola is a smart hedging strategy that offers returns uncorrelated to the stock market. During market fluctuations, it dynamically adjusts its long and short volatility exposure to match market conditions. The objective is to outperform during periods of market stress, while also targeting positive absolute returns during bull markets. This helps successfully position your equity portfolio during all market phases.


US large cap investment with an airbag

The Alquant Convexus Fund is a long-only UCITS equity fund. The fund seeks to reduce drawdowns caused by economic recessions or investor exuberance through the use of quantitative overlays. The aim of the fund is to provide investors with passive exposure to US large caps while mitigating some of the risks typically associated with equity investing through a derivative overlay.


Adaptive and protected Tech exposure

Alquant ProTech is a unique investment strategy that seeks to participate in the upside of the Tech sector while providing downside protection. The strategy dynamically allocates capital in a safer way than a passive buy-and-hold investment in the Tech sector. As a result, the strategy is well-positioned to outperform this sector over the long term.


Uncorrelated Returns

Alvola targets overall uncorrelated returns to the equity market while delivering positive returns over an entire market cycle.

Equity Airbag

In times of crisis, Alvola works like an airbag protecting your equity exposure against panic selloffs and massive volatility spikes.

Low Opportunity Costs

Alvola works to minimize the typical losses suffered by hedging strategies during bullish markets.


Blended Equity

Gain exposure to globally established companies and keep pace with rising equity markets.

Profit from Periods of Turbulence

Alquant's signature volatility overlay helps improve long-term performance by reducing impacts caused by market crashes and even benefiting from panic selloffs.

UCITS Structure

The UCITS fund structure will guarantee a high level of transparency, daily liquidity, and the best legal protection for investors.


Tech and Growth Company Exposure

Protech's long position in the NASDAQ-100 allows it to have a great exposure to large technology and growth companies.

Profit from Periods of Turbulence

Trading volatility derivatives leads to a potential of profiting from large drawdowns and thus delivering negative correlation with the NASDAQ-100 during market crashes and panic selloffs.

Proactive Exposure

Reducing the exposure to the NASDAQ-100 based on internal risk indicators allows ProTech to protect assets in uncertain times and bear markets.

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